Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for PS5 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Flashshot Trigger Stop Flex Cable for PS5 Controller - PFMD001

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The Extremerate Clicky hair trigger kit is an evolutionary custom kit that advanced gaming functionality to your existing PS5 controller.
With it, you will have a faster trigger response, get a huge advantage in games such as shooting.
Shoot faster, great assistant for FPS / TPS players!

Kind Reminder:
Specially designed for PS5 controller.
NOT compatible with other model controllers (such as PS4, Switch, etc.).
NOT suitable for racing games.
Before playing shooting games, please turn off the Trigger Effect Intensity function of the L2 R2 trigger to avoid resistance during shooting.
Controller NOT included.

Product Feature:
Clicky trigger kit can greatly improve the function of the PS5 controller shoulder buttons.
These accessories can help you fire faster and save valuable time during fast FPS or shooter games.
Just press down 0.5mm, the function of L1R1 can be triggered, save1 times the distance.
The Package Includes distance of R2L2 can be shortened by 3.5 times, you can shoot by gently down 2mm.
Easy to install, need to disassemble the controller.
Get an installation video guide on YouTube by searching "eXtremeRate PS5 Clicky Trigger Kit".

Package Includes:
1* Clicky FPC board
1* Built-in Clicky button kit
1* Prying tool
1* Cross Screwdriver
8* Screws
Note: The controller, trigger button and other parts are not included!