Textured Black DAWN Programable Remap Kit for PS4 Controller with Mod Chip & Redesigned Back Shell & 4 Back Buttons - Compatible with JDM 040 /050/055 - P4RM006

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Prepared for e-Sport Tournaments:
The ExtremeRate DAWN Remap Kit is an evolutionary modding kit that adds advanced gaming functionality to your existing PS4 controller.
The DAWN remap kit includes remap board and modded back shell with 4 addition ergonomic buttons. With this kit you can easily turn your existing PS4 controller (JDM-04 & JDM-05) into a professional e-sport gamepad with additional 4 programable remap buttons.
This remap mod solution gives you competitive edge in Online Gaming and Tournaments, and totally legal.
You can remap 15 buttons to the 4 additional buttons which will be pressed by your middle fingers.
It’s a huge advantage for you because you don’t need to move off the sticks and triggers to access other buttons like face buttons during a fast FPS or shooter games.

Easy for Installation:
The installation of DAWN Remap Kit is easy, soldering optional. 
Most of the other solution on the market are using hot melt glue to set the additional 4 buttons on the back shell. 
With the DAWN Remap Kit, what you need to do is simply set the buttons by screws. 
If you don’t need the L3, R3 and touchpad button can be remapped, soldering is not necessary.
Get installation video guide on YouTube by searching “ExtremeRate PS4 DAWN Remap Guide". 

On-the-fly Buttons Remapping:
eXtremeRate innovated 2 mode of operation to enter buttons programing mode: touch control and buttons combination. 
You can activate the remap program during the game and assign maximum 15 buttons (X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3 and Touchpad Button )  to the back buttons. 

ONLY compatible with JDM-040/JDM-050/JDM-055 PS4 controller.(with lightbar on touchpad) 
Controller NOT included.
You need to take apart your controller for installation, basic hand-on skill required.
This product is made of hard plastic instead of soft rubber.

Package Included:
1* DAWN Remap Chip
1* Re-designed Back Shell
4* Back Buttons
1* Prying Tool
1* PH00 Screw Driver
12* Screws
1* Spare Parts Pack
1* User Manual