Chameleon Full Faceplates Skin Decal Wraps Covers with Power Button Decals for Xbox One Console Controller Kinect - JXTM0073

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Made of high quality adhesive vinyl stickers . These skin sticker sets protect your devices from dust and scratch and no peeling off after a long time used.
Personalized Chameleon decals decorate and beautify your console & controller & kinect.
Precise cutting to fit the devices well. Full set faceplate skin covers securely, includes 1 console sticker, 2 controller stickers, 1 kinect skin, 2 pcs console power button decals.

1>Wipe down any dust ,grease or other contaminates of your console & controller with the rag and rubbing alcohol.
2> Peel the paper one by one,NOT to let the adhesive side touch anything.
3> Starting from one corner, take a card or something with a thin, flat surface to smooth it on.
4>If installed slowly and carefully, there should be NO air bubbles left under the skin.
TIPS: For the best result, apply hot air(using a hair dryer) to the decal surface to activate chemical agent for better stickiness.

Package includes:
2?¨¢ controller stickers
1?¨¢ console sticker
2?¨¢ console power button decals
1 ?¨¢ kinect skin
1?¨¢ set cleanning rags and rubbing alcohol
(Note: console and controller are not included)